Design your product with us, we help you take your product from concept to completion. We offer solutions that are tailored to suit your requirements.

At ProPlastix we know what it takes to design a product. It’s not just the aesthetics, or the shape, or the material, or the strength. It’s more than that. Because we have been in the moulding game for so long we know the requirements that are needed to provide an effective solution. We have specified materials, made moulds, run moulding machines and produced mouldings for many years which gives us the expertise to offer recommendations that will make your product a success.

It starts with your requirements and what is necessary for the application. We look at the design taking into the account the general wall thickness, draft angles, shrinkage factors and negative draw or undercuts. We look at the injection points, the ejection and split-lines and discuss what effect these will have on your product.

Material selection plays an important role in design as there are hundreds of plastic materials available, but we source the best for the application. The selection of the type and grade of material can have a significant effect on the performance as well as the cost of the product.  Often a material will be used in the wrong application because it’s easier rather than because it’s better.

Moulds and tooling are one of the most important things to take into account when designing a product.  There are many ways that design can affect a project and by approaching the product with the tool design in mind you can often reduce the tooling cost and make the mould more productive and more efficient.  A component can only be as good as the mould that is provided, so tool design time is well spent time.

Using the various CAD packages available to suit the application, we can work with you to produce the product you need.  3D visuals are used to offer a final concept of the product design and a 3D printed working model or prototype can be generated to prove the concept.