Plastic injection moulding onsite.

We have a range of plastic moulding machines on site from 25 Ton to 150 Ton with the necessary range of ancillaries to facilitate moulding in the full range of thermoplastics. These are from the base commodity plastic materials such as Polypropylene, Polyethylene and ABS to the Engineering grades such as Nylon, Acetal, Polyester and Polycarbonate. We have the capability and expertise to efficiently mould the high temperature, exotic and metal replacement materials such as Polysulphone, PEEK, Liquid Crystal Polymer, PPS, PES, Ultem, IXEF and many more.

We also have the facility to mould Thermoplastic Rubbers and Elastomers in a vast range of Shore hardness and textures.

Our client base includes Blue Chip Companies from the Electronic, Lighting, Medical, Aerospace, Defence and Automotive Industries as well as the Sport, Leisure, Games and Hospitality Sectors.

At ProPlastix we offer:

• Over Moulding using elastomers

• Basic Injection Moulding using conventional plastic raw materials

• Technical Moulding in the full range of Engineering Plastics

• Mouldings using Metal Replacement Plastics as an alternative to machined metal products

• Insert and Outsert moulding with metal and plastic add-in components

• Filter Manufacture using Nylon and Polyester woven and formed mesh

• Colour options using standard ‘off the shelf’ additives or Pantone colour matched supply

• A range of machines that will accept all moulds manufactured within the confines of the platen area

Our Quality Systems are based on ISO 9000 requirements and we pride ourselves in working to the ‘Maximise Efficiency, Minimise Risk’ ethic.