Plastic Injection Moulding Services.

You may have a product that is ready to be produced, or you may need that extra input and advice to optimise the end result. The advantage of working with ProPlastix is that we can tailor our support to meet your needs in order to get your product in to the marketplace. Bounce a concept off us to gauge your ideas or use us to produce and assemble your product ready to present to your customer base, we are here to help.

Our niche or forte is working with people and products that need that little bit of of extra service, advice or design input. We have a wealth of knowledge and resources that we can draw on to make your product more efficient and cost effective.

In plastics, the importance of the optimum component design, raw material selection and mould design cannot be underestimated as this can have a significant impact on product performance, production efficiency as well as on the final mould and component costs.

We can help to guide you through the maze of options and recommend the perfect solution for your product.


Plastic Moulding

With our range of machines and ancilliaries we can run almost any mould that falls within the confines of our platen area. With over 35 years of Plastic Moulding under our belt we have the experience and expertise to competently mould components from the most simple to the most technical of products. Our Customer base includes Electronics, Lighting, Automotive, Defence, Medical, Aerospace, Leisure, Construction, Engineering, Toys to name but a few.

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Moulds and Tooling

Optimum Mould design can reduce tooling cost, minimise cycle time, achieve the specified material processing conditions and maximise productivity. All of these reflect on the cost of your product. We work with various tool-making companies within the UK as well as outsourced tooling from our proven suppliers in Europe and China.

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Product Design

We pride ourselves in having the expertise to advise on both product design and material specification.

Product Design services include:

• Project Evaluation

• Concept Development

• Product Styling

• Product Engineering

• Cost Reduction

• Product Visualisation

• Rapid Prototyping

• Manufacturing Support

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Assembly & 2nd Ops

Proplastix offers a broad range of product assembly services which we tailor to individual customers based on their own capabilities and requirements. Services range from packaging and labelling through to mechanical assembly and inspection. Current projects include the electromechanical assembly of an automatic pill deblistering system, the Personal and Professional Poppitt, and the stock purchasing, manufacture, assembly, stock holding and dispatch of the Lite-Changer – a light bulb replacement system.

Assembly services and add-ons include:

  • Mechanical

  • Electronic

  • Inspection

  • Packaging and Labelling

  • Storage

  • Distribution

  • Sales Support

  • Order Taking

  • Sales Administration

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    Plastic Raw Materials

    At ProPlastix we have the means and ability to mould all grades of injection moulding raw materials available to us. Our knowledge and skill of moulding extends from the basic commodity materials to the Technical and Engineering field including the Exotics and Metal Replacement markets. Visit our Plastics Page to run through just a few of the materials that we process.

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    Project Management

    With over 27 years experience in managing design and production projects, our team is well placed to give you the optimum results for your business. We can help you manage, plan, control and co-ordinate your projects, keeping you fully informed from inception to completion.  By working with our clients from an early stage we can help reduce costs, lower risks and provide access to the skills and expertise that your projects require.