With over 35 years of toolmaking experience and working with toolmakers we are well placed to source and manage the tooling and moulds required for your projects.

Our forte is to oversee the production of moulds, from the placement of the tooling order to receipt of production approved samples from the mould. This includes overseeing the GA’s (Tooling Assembly Drawings) and approving the overall tooling layout. We specify the design that we require for the production of quality mouldings and guarantee the quality and workmanship of the supplier.

We have an in-house modular system that we can use for prototypes and low volume production runs. We produce the main cavity plates and ejector system to suit the modular system. These can later be transferred to a new production mould should the batch quantities warrant the change.

We work with many local toolmakers and have many years of inter-trading with UK based toolmakers. Examples of their craftsmanship can be produced prior to the commitment of mould production. We have in-house equipment for mould servicing, refurbishment and modification. We also undertake a routine mould tool inspection after each production run.

We also have the facility of sourcing high quality, competitively priced moulds from Europe and China. We have personally visited the mould production facilities and can vouch for their workmanship and integrity. When working with UK based companies we approve any mould design prior to manufacture and guarantee the quality and workmanship that they produce. All moulds are then shipped to Proplastix in the UK for production of mouldings.

Mould design files are then kept for future use in the event of modification or refurbishment requirements.